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Aura coating involves depositing a thin layer of metal particles onto the surface of a crystal through a vapor deposition process. The most common metals used for aura coating are gold, platinum, and silver. During the process, the metal particles adhere to the crystal surface, creating a thin, reflective layer that can produce dazzling colors and effects when viewed under different lighting conditions.

Aura coating can enhance the aesthetic appeal of crystals, giving them a unique and mystical appearance. However, it's important to note that aura coating is a man-made treatment and alters the natural appearance of the crystal.

Under ultraviolet light, Auratized crystals may exhibit fluorescence or a subtle glow, depending on the type of metal used in the coating and the properties of the underlying crystal.

Metaphysically, Auratized crystals are believed to combine the properties of the underlying crystal with the amplifying or protective qualities of the metal coating. They are often used for enhancing energy, promoting positivity, and providing spiritual protection.

Aura Rox

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