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Barite, RARE Red Vanadinite, Cerussite, and Galena Specimen

Barite, RARE Red Vanadinite, Cerussite, and Galena Specimen

Discover the stunning red Barite, RARE Vanadinite, Cerussite, and Galena Specimen—a captivating fusion of colors and textures from the depths of the Earth. This rare geological marvel showcases layers of creamy whites, soft pinks, and subtle oranges, complemented by vibrant red (and rare!!) Vanadinite crystals. Delicately nestled Cerussite crystals and reflective Galena complete this natural masterpiece, making it a mesmerizing addition to any collection or display.

You will receive the exact specimen in the photo/video. Please allow for some variations in size and colour, as the screen cannot capture the true beauty of this piece, 

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