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Group Reading with Madelaine - Friday, June 14, 2024

Group Reading with Madelaine - Friday, June 14, 2024

Come see Psychic Medium Madelaine in an evening demonstration of evidential mediumship. Madelaine will bring through spirit for participants attending, and through connecting with your loved one, will offer messages from the spirit world. She will use her intuitive abilities using her gifts passed down from her grandmothers to sense, feel, and read the energy of loved ones from the other side.

Madelaine’s style of mediumship is open, honest, expressive, descriptive, and is centred around emotional attunement.

*readings are for entertainment purposes only and it is not guaranteed that every attendee will receive a reading, though the medium will aim to do so.

Tickets are $40 each

Participants will also receive 15% off any services booked with Madelaine following the event.

Madelaine is here to guide you through wonderings and curiosities, provide guidance on areas of your life that you seek clarity for, support your own spiritual development, or to connect you with loved ones in spirit. Whatever you’re going through, Madelaine is here to help you find your way forward.

To learn more about the talented and experienced Madelaine, please visit:

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