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Soul Sisters Full Moon Bath Salts

Soul Sisters Full Moon Bath Salts

Locally made Full Moon Bath Salts from the incredible Soul Sisters. 75 grams of pure bliss and relaxation. Check out their other all-natural products❤️ 

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Soul Sisters' Salts - Full Moon

Handcrafted, made with magic, these succulent salts are made under the light of the Full Moon. They are used to calm and cleanse, and release from you all that doesn't serve you. Place them in a bath, when you need a cleansing, or you have the urge to purge and they will work their magic to the fullest. Use your will and you shall be fulfilled.

Set your intentions or say a prayer, you will get what you declare.

"I use these salts to wash away, all that is not meant to stay. Relaxed and rejuvenated I will be, open my heart and allow me to see.  With the magic of the moon, so mote it be."

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