Collection: Dumortierite

Dumortierite was first described in 1881 and takes its name from the French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier.

It is a stone that is used not only in making jewelry but also for several industrial purposes. It is used to make ceramics and porcelain because it turns into a color of pure white when exposed to fire or heat.

Dumortierite looks very much like sodalite and lapis lazuli. Its colors range from pale to dark blue. There are also dumortierite stones that are reddish pink, reddish brown, and violet blue in color.

The colors are very unequally distributed, which is why there are parts of the stone that show light and dark blue.

But it’s the impurities of the mineral that give dumortierite its blue color.

Almost all dumortierite stones are opaque, but there are very rare ones that appear kind of translucent. This stone also has a waxy and dull luster.


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